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John Gehnrich, DC

Chiropractor located in Nassau County, Rockville Centre, NY

Dr. John Gehnrich is an experienced chiropractor in Rockville Centre that effectively treats Herniated Discs and helps to prevent them in the future. With more than 18 years of experience liberating patients from chronic pain due to disc herniation, Dr. John's all natural Chiropractic care is a proven, effective, safe and drug-free approach to disc herniation pain relief.

Herniated Disc Q & A

How Does a Herniated Disc Cause Pain?

Because the spine is the body's foundation and main support structure, any type of misalignment in the spine can compromise or distort the central nervous system’s ability to send and receive messages between the brain and the body’s organs (see the Neuro-Structural Connection). 

Not all misalignments are easily detected, and it takes an expert like Dr. John Gehnrich to be able to identify those subluxations or misalignments. For example, a condition like a herniated disc may place some pressure on nerves that are nearby and cause a numbing pain sensation along the length of the nerve.

Doctors often prescribe medication to ease this pain and address only the symptoms of a herniated disc. Unfortunately, medications that are prescribed only to treat pain can often cause other harmful effects that impact the kidneys, heart, liver, and other organs, causing increasing pain and a decline in your overall health and natural healing abilities.

In contrast, Dr. Gehnrich’s comprehensive, whole body approach addresses to root cause for the herniated disc by identifying the misalignment and correcting it at its source.

How Does Dr. John Gehnrich treat Herniated Discs? 

Dr. Genhrich focuses on straightening out the curve in the back and getting the sides that are out of place back into the correct position with natural and holistic techniques. During your initial visit, Dr. Gehnrich may take X-rays or radiographs to better understand potential issues before treatment begins. Dr. Gehnrich will review a patient’s posture, use a Bilateral Gravity Assessment to check weight distribution between the two legs, and measure possible pinches in the nerve using postural analysis. For more information on these techniques, visit our What to Expect section.

Using the information from these measurements, Dr. Gehnrich and his team use this information to create a customized treatment plan that addresses the herniated disc promptly and effectively. Not only does this help to stop the pain, but it also corrects the spine and can lead to more health benefits from having proper alignment. 

For instance, Dr. Gehnrich does more than just adjust the painful section. Since the spine is connected everywhere, from brain to limbs, Dr. John adjusts the body holistically, from top to bottom and bottom to top. In addition, Dr. Gehnrich may also recommend lifestyle and nutrition adjustments to supplement his corrections and improve your overall health, reducing the risk of any pain returning.