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101 Everyday Lifestyle Wellness Tips

101 Everyday Lifestyle Wellness Tips


1. Pay attention to your posture, especially when you sit at your computer.

2. Use pillows that support your neck with a healthy curve, when you sleep.

3. Remove your wallet from your back pocket, when you sit down.

4. Routinely alternate shoulders when you carry a purse, better yet, use a backpack.

5. Set your car seat in a healthy supportive position.

6. Use luggage that has wheels.

7. Ensure that you have foot levelers that support and cushion your feet when you walk.

8. Use a headset when you speak on the phone.

9. Routinely alternate the sides of your body that you carry your children on.

10. Don’t sit in one place for extended periods, without standing up and stretching.

11. Be aware of repetitive motions and repetitive postures; maintain variety in movement.

12. Remember that PAIN means to Pay Attention Inside Now; listen to your body.

13. Be comfortable when you sit and when you sleep.

14. Lift with your legs and keep your arms close to your body, avoid lifting and rotating.

15. Avoid “turtle neck” when your head projects forward from your body.

16. Strengthen your core muscles around your stomach, waist and back.

17. Sit on an exercise ball chair

18. Always make sure to work with a D.C. to ensure your spine is healthy and strong.

19. Don’t ignore chronic headaches, neck pain or back pain, correct the cause of the problem.

20. Remember, if you keep your spine in line then you’ll feel fine.


21. Take the stairs 22. Park at the far end of the parking lot 23. Go for a walk when you wake up in the morning, at lunchtime or after dinner. 24. Meet with friends and go for a hike on a nature trail. 25. Work with a personal trainer to ensure you are exercising safely and effectively. 26. Vary your workout routine. 27. Sweat, strengthen and stretch throughout your week. 28. Ride your bicycle instead of driving, when you can. 29. Workout with an exercise buddy and make it a routine. 30. Listen to inspiring music and workout to the rhythm. 31. Learn a new sport, like tennis, golf or swimming. 32. Take a few lessons to improve your skills at your favorite sport. 33. If you watch TV, put a stationary bike or treadmill next to your couch. 34. Use a cordless phone and headset, so you can walk around when on the phone. 35. Take a jump rope with you when you travel or stay in hotels with fitness facilities. 36. Don’t use a cart when golfing walk instead. 37. Don’t like to call it exercise, call it dancing or recreation? 38. Sign your self up for an event like a walk, run or triathalon, and then train for it. 39. Schedule your exercise like it’s an important meeting, because it is. 40. Get a dog, so you have to walk it.


41. Eat more fruits and vegetables. 42. Eat more often throughout the day. 43. Prepare healthy meals to be eaten throughout the week. 44. Learn to enjoy shopping for fresh produce. 45. Keep a journal of your favorite recipes. 46. Make sure you can get healthy foods where you work. 47. Drink adequate amounts of water each day (8 glasses daily). 48. Take a healthy cooking class. 49. Plan ahead; make sure you have enough healthy snacks for your day. 50. Take turns with coworkers to bring in something new and healthy. 51. Make sure your kids learn healthy eating habits from an early age. 52. Work with an expert to ensure that you are only taking the supplements you need. 53. If it’s necessary to take medication, make sure your supplements won’t counteract them. 54. Make eating well, fun. 55. Enjoy the experience of eating food, instead of just mindlessly putting it in your mouth. 56. Learn about heart healthy fats and ensure you have a sufficient intake. 57. Understand the nutritional value of your favorite foods. 58. Share your favorite healthy foods and snacks with others. 59. Make it a contest to find the best tasting, most healthy foods. 60. Eat smaller portions to make you full, not to clean your plate.

Healthy Thinking 61. Create an affirmation and say it daily. 62. Enjoy the silence. 63. Get clear on your values and make sure that your actions and values are in alignment. 64. Love your self. 65. Be generous. 66. Seek out mentors. 67. Be a mentor. 68. Get positive. 69. Understand the relationship between your mind and your body. 70. Relax more. 71. Breathe more. 72. Use your mind to relax your body. 73. Listen to soothing sounds. 74. Be inspired. 75. Be inspiring. 76. Make having great relationships with others, your personal goal. 77. Respect your self by speaking nicely to your self. 78. Smile often. 79. Feed your mind with good nourishment by reading things that you enjoy and inspire you. 80. Always remember, that although you can’t control what happens to you, you can always control how you respond to what happens to you.

Healthy Habits

81. Decide what habit you want to create in your life. 82. Act as if you are the healthy person you want to be. 83. Enjoy constant and never ending personal improvement. 84. Stop smoking cigarettes. 85. Reduce your sugar intake. 86. Reduce the amount of television you watch. 87. Wear your seatbelt 88. Make sure to have plenty of love in your life. 89. Be an advanced citizen. 90. Do random acts of kindness. 91. Make happiness a habit. 92. Take care of your self on a consistent basis: get an adjustment and a message. 93. Learn new things everyday. 94. Visualize making your dreams come true. 95. Volunteer to help others. 96. Write in your success journal 97. Meditate 98. Get adequate rest and sleep. 99. Make it a habit to do things that bring you joy in life. 100. Be kind, to your self and others. 101. Get in the habit of loving your life!

“Your body and mind have an ability to change and heal, greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe”.

In closing: There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. Americans have never been as sick, diseased, or symptomatic as we are today. There are an endless amount of people who are suffering, who have been through the ringer and have tried anything and everything to no avail.

Schedule an appointment to talk to our doctor about how chiropractic

may be able to help you take your health to the next level.


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