Why Rhino?



What Makes Us Different?


Three main elements make us unique. Having all three of them makes us the best:

  1. Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness
  2. Structural Corrective Chiropractic - While many doctors and health care professionals focus on crisis intervention and symptom relief care, Dr. John focuses on stabilization care. This type of not just making the pain go away, but treating the underlying structural imbalance. Correcting the alignment on postural analysis, gravity assessment and X-ray to show the changes objectively and effectively. Dr. John’s approach gets results, the proof is in the pudding. Dr. John often times went to down St. Louis, which is called the "show me States.” He has a very analytical and science based professional background and is able to objectively and effectively reveal the positive changes not just symptomatically, but neurologically and structurally.  
  3. Preventative Wellness Care - People come to maintain their spine every other month as individuals, couples, or even entire families. There are affordable preventive wellness plans created to prevent you from sliding backwards and maintaining an optimally functionally body. 


Why the name "Rhino"?

Since the inception of Rhino Chiropractic in 2000, countless satisfied patients have asked "Why Rhino?". Finally a written explanation for what I share a few times a week. 

Rhinos charge in the direction of their goals, not deviating from what it has its sights (horn) set upon. This is extremely similar to how we are Rhino Chiropractic. We have our hearts set upon assisting people (with their goals) in their charge back toward optimal health.

The Rhino was inspired by a book called Rhino Success, where the metaphor for life is explained in the quote, "the Rhino charges for what they want in life, and don't deviate from their goals while the cows and sheep are grazing in the pasture doing the same ordinary things complaining about the mundane life." Rhinos charge for an extraordinary life like we, at Rhino Chiropractic, strive to create an environment of healing to help practice members achieve extraordinary results.

The jungle is filled with bugs and snakes trying to get through the thick Rhino skin. Similarly, we as chiropractors need thick skin to keep persistent at assisting in the charge past the misconceptions and negative propaganda (smeared by the medical and drug cartels like we are not real Dr's and chiropractic is not safe or scientific.)

Rhinos are endangered and unique animals (that are hard to come by) just as we think of our unique and very specialized care in which we hope to someday help you the charge toward your optimal health.

Take Charge of Your Health! 


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