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Chiropractic at Every Stage and Every Age


What Stages and What Ages?

Dr. John works with patients at every stage and age. His world-class care covers all patients at all ages, including the following types of patients:

  1. Pre-natal mothers experiencing excruciating low back pain, difficulty walking from sciatica, painful carpal tunnel, and annoying heartburn and reflux.
  2. Infants are many times born with colic, difficulty sleeping, horrible constipation, reflux (spitting up), breathing difficulties, ear infections, and developmental delays.
  3. Toddlers and young children who fall 4,000 times by the age of 4 and are plagued with postural abnormalities, curvature of the spine, leg length inequality, scoliosis, debilitating asthma, horrible allergies, painful ear infections, and grade-lowering hyperactivity (ADHD).
  4. Adults of all ages experiencing back pain, sciatica, neck pain, or desiring holistic healing that targets the source of health in the body.




Has Anybody Heard of Spinal Hygiene?


Unlike dental hygiene, which is a common practice by everyone on the planet, spinal hygiene is a big kept secret in healthcare. Most people take care of their teeth prior to a cavity by brushing regularly as soon as they have teeth. They floss, are attentive to the pain in their mouth, and go for checkup's every 6 months to a year to prevent dental decay. The spine, on the other hand, is often neglected until a mid or late age and is only treated once symptoms and major crisis ensues. Unless a patient is a part of Rhino Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness from birth, most individuals do not know that getting adjusted in their early years prevents future spinal decay and other health conditions over one's lifetime.

There is a saying in our office:

"Chiropractic should be revieved from 'womb to tomb, and cradle to grave'"

Make sure that whether or not you have pain in your body or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you implement spinal hygiene as a part of your lifestyle choice.



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