Anthony G. Neuro-Structual Case Study


Condition: Severe Asthma suffered since infancy

Symptoms: shortness of breath, uncontrollable cough, wheezing,


  • tramatic birth process(forceps and vacuum extraction)
  • multiple rounds of antibotics leading to GI issues
  • constipation for days at a time or lose bowels
  • vaccine reaction to the MMR shot(high fever, lethargy)

Hospitalizations: many times unable to breathe, pneumonia

Medications: Megadoses of cortical steroids and antibotics, nebulizer albuterol, prednisone, claritin, singulair



Postural Analysis:

Head Tilt 1” R

Shoulder Tilt 3/4” L

Pelvic Tilt 1/2” R

Short leg 1 1/4” R

Computerized Spinal Imaging:


Spinal X-Rays:


C1-Atlas ASRA

C2-Axis PLI

T1-Sp PR


L3-Post Body R

Sacrum-AI R



After 1st visit: Anthony slept through the night for the first ever

After 3rd visit: He vomited pink mucus from medications

After 6th visit: Mom noticed no coughing the entire day

After 8th visit: He ran with his friends playing soccer & no wheezing

By the 12th visit: The new scan looked like this...

Off all medications and

All signs of Asthma disappeared!



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