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Welcome to the Neuro-Structural Evaluation Walkthrough



Step 1: Patient History

A thorough history is very helpful to Dr. John to help evaluate the Neuro-Structure Connection. For the most effective analysis, Dr. John has patients fill out a brief form that gives him a great foundation to analyze a patient's pre-existing health and symptoms. Follow this link to download the patient forms


Step 2: Comprehensive Consultation and Examination

 The second step on your path to optimal health is a 1:1 consultation with Dr. John. Onceyou complete your patient form, you will sit with Dr. John and receive one of the most thorough and comprehensive history assemessments you have ever received. Dr. John's intiutitive nature and years of experience helps each patient get to the fundamental and underlying cause of their helath challenges. This initial visit is designed for Dr. John Gehnrich to learn more about you, your underlying condition, and your expectations to best determine how his authentic and unique approach can best treat your needs. Dr. John not only prides himself on a great mind and great hands, but also on how they connect to his heart for the patient. Above all, Dr. John cares about you and your health, and genuinly wants to imrpove the life of everyone that walks through his door. 


Step 3: Posture is a Window to the Spine

The next step in your road to equilibrium between the spine and the other parts of the body is the Postural Spinal Analysis. This tool is used to to detemrine structral imabalnces and alignment irregularities to determine the affect your poor posture has on the spinal fiunction. Each of the lines in the image below represents a different state of your spine, and therefore, your health: Green represents balance, and normal, while red represents pelvic, shoulder and skull aligment.



“Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headaches, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.”

-American Journal of Pain Management 1994,4:36-39












Step 4: Are you Wearing your Tires Out?

The fourth step in Dr. John's amazing Holistic Chiropractic method is the Bilateral Gravity Assessment. This assesment determines equilibrium between left and right sides of the body. The patient starts by closing their eyes, which gives a true reading about their neurological and brain stem funciton. The weight distributed to each leg is measure on the scale, and Dr. John takes the reading. There should be no more than 2-3 pound derfferential between left and right side. The greater the discrepancy, the greater indiciation of spinal imbalance and instability. Just as the tires of a car should be in proper alignemnt and wear evenly, so should the balance of one's lower exteremity's. 


Step 5: What Color is my Spine?

At Rhino Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness, Dr. John utliizes the most up to date and advanced technology to accurately identify subluxations and underlying issues. The Computerized Spinal thermal imaging is a tool that allows for more specific objective determination of the patients underlying misaligment or subluxation. Using the termal heat sensors that are gently rolled up the spine, Dr. John can get and accurate reading of the locaiton, intensity, and severity of one's spinal health. Subluxation's and their severity will be revealed by color. Green is normal, yellow is mild, orange moderate, red severe. This objective tool is periodically reevaluated to determine progress and improvement of spinal health. While Dr. John gets a comprehensive background and reading on the symptoms, merely being update on the symptoms is often an inaccurate method in determining how well one is healing. This amazing technology keeps doctor and patient objective and on the same page. 


Step 6: Touch and Tell

One of the most telling and effective techniques that Dr. John uses is the compreghensive, hands on, spinal examination. Dr. John prides himself on having high sebsitiviity and intution when it comes to the healing power of his hands. Patients have raved about how Dr. John's intution and highly sensiitive touch allows him to determine many of the their health conditions without them even telling him. In this very crucial part of the visit, Dr. John feels with his hands where these subluxations (misaligments) of the spine are located. Often times he will mention conditions and symptoms not listed or mentioned on the history forms or in the consultation. Anything from asthma, allergies, digestion, reproduction challenges, or anything in between has been found to be correlated to levels of the spinal segement. To learn more about Dr. John's approach to the Neuro-Structual Connection, click here.


Step 7: Structurally Interpreted Radiographs

Spinal radiographs are taken if necessary to determine the specific structural misaligments. The radiographs are analyzed and marked according to Dr. John's experienced assessment to detertmine a specific structual game plan to correct the underlying cause of the health challenges. (Put in link to cervical curve, pre-post/ before and after). 




“Loss of the cervical curve (Subluxated neck bones)

stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes disease.”

                      -Dr. A. Breig, Neuro-surgeon (Nobel Prize recipient)



That's All Folks!

Upon leaving the practice and setting up a report of finding, patients are often in awe of the thoroughness, detail, and attention that they experinces during their first visit. Many have also mentioned the professional and clean envorment accompanied by a helpful and friendly staff. An appointment is made for the next visit to review the results of this initial assessment.

For more information about the power of the Neuro Structural Connection, check out this case study, or book an appointment today. 


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