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Holistic Pain Management


Are you struggling with severe, chronic pain? If so, you’re not alone: research estimates that as many as 40% of Americans struggle with chronic pain at one point in their lives. Without effective treatment, chronic pain may even cause structural changes in the brain increasing the risk for anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, chronic pain is still not well understood.

Many health care professionals continue to believe that medication is the best approach to treating chronic pain. At Rhino Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center, our Rockville Centre chiropractor knows medication is not the ultimate solution. Our holistic approach to pain management treats the “whole person”. We address the root cause of your pain and unlock your body’s ability to heal itself through drug-free pain management.

Pain Relief without Prescription Drugs

Dr. John Gehnrich is a Doctor of Chiropractic and intuitive Holistic Wellness Expert. His mission is to offer hope and healing to all he encounters. His unique, pain management philosophy is based on the premise that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. We simply need to unlock this ability, rather than relying on medication to mask pain symptoms.

Our nation is in the throes of a prescription drug epidemic. Millions of Americans struggling with chronic pain have become addicted to prescription painkillers. That’s because prescription medications only “mask” the symptoms of pain. Once these drugs wear off, symptoms return. This can lead to a dangerous and deadly cycle of medication dependence. There’s nothing benign about over-the-counter medication, either. These medications can hurt your kidneys, liver, stomach, digestive system, and other organs. Whether you take small or large dosages, long-term reliance on medication for pain management can do far more harm than good, causing your body to shut down.

Beyond Pain Management: Corrective Care

Rockville Centre chiropractor Dr. Gehnrich follows a whole body approach to pain management. This means that rather than focusing on isolated pain symptoms, Dr. Gehnrich considers how the body’s different systems work in harmony with each other. By treating the whole person, we can alleviate physical and emotional suffering. Our pain management and corrective care plans are tailored to each patient’s age, lifestyle, and level of spinal neglect. We start by straightening the back curve and getting the sides curved back into the correct position. Adjustments not only relieve pain and nerve compression but also allow the body to begin clearing out toxins. The end result: less pain, a greater range of motion, more energy and better sleep.

Hope for Chronic Pain: Pain Management that Works

Rhino Chiropractic is a natural pain relief clinic and chiropractic care center that addresses your pain holistically using proven alternative care methods. We believe that pain is your body’s “check engine light” and should not be ignored or simply masked with medication. Through lifestyle adjustments, positive interventions, and chiropractic care, Dr. Gehnrich and our team will help you achieve an optimal state of wellness.


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