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Why You Need to See a Car Accident Injury Chiropractor

Have you recently been in a car accident? If so, have you been seen by a car accident injury chiropractor? Unfortunately, many people who walk away from an accident with just a few bruises mistakenly think they are “okay”. All it takes is a minor fender bender to cause serious trauma to your musculoskeletal system, leading to recurring neck and back pain. Worse, in the rush to fix car damage, these accident victims may settle quickly with insurance companies, missing out on thousands in medical reimbursements for injuries like whiplash.

Our Rockville Centre car accident injury chiropractor, Dr. John Gehnrich, has been helping accident victims just like you safely recover from car accident injuries for more than 15 years. Dr. Genrich’s holistic approach to pain relief and whole body wellness empowers you to take control of your health so you can live a full, active life.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident Injury

1. Prompt care for your pain symptoms - Whiplash injuries can occur at speeds as slow as 5mph. Common symptoms include pain in the neck, arm, shoulder or back; dizziness or vertigo; difficulty focusing or concentrating on simple tasks; recurring headaches at the base of the spine; and tenderness or stiffness in the neck. Don’t ignore these symptoms or assume they will “go away” with time! In fact, without effective care, your neck pain may get worse.

2. Reduce nerve interference for optimal wellness - The force of a rear impact accident can “whip” the cervical spine backward and forwards, leading to a subluxation and nerve interference. Dr. Gehnrich’s holistic approach to pain relief targets the root cause of your whiplash pain, the cervical spine subluxation, and nerve interference. This approach helps bring the body back to an optimal state of wellness.

Car Accident or Whiplash Injury? Call Rhino Chiropractic Today

Scheduling an appointment with our Rockville Centre car accident injury chiropractor Dr. Gehnrich is a smart, proactive decision that could save you from years of neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and back pain. Get your evaluation before you settle with your insurance company by calling us at 516-536-6000.

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John Gehnrich Dr. John Gehnrich is a renowned Chriopractor that combines Holistic Chiropractic, Structural Corrective Chiropractic, and Preventative Wellness Care to bring world class healing to people of all ages.

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