How Your Rockville Centre Chiropractor Treats Sciatica & Leg Pain

Are you experiencing a shooting, radiating or numbing pain sensation in your leg? If so, our Rockville Centre chiropractor Dr. Gehnrich may diagnose you with a pain condition known as sciatica.

Sciatica pain typically begins in the lower back and buttocks and then radiates down the leg through the back of the thigh and past the knee. For some individuals, this pain may even extend through the calf and towards the foot. Every individual experiences sciatica pain differently. Pain sensations may be radiating, numbing or tingling.

Rockville Centre Chiropractor: What You Need to Know About Sciatica & Leg Pain

Conventional medical care for sciatica often relies on medication to numb these pain sensations. Unfortunately, as soon as the medication wears off, the sciatica pain will return. Dr. Ghenrich believes in a different approach that empowers the body to heal itself by removing nervous system interference. Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. Medication can’t “cure” sciatica. Drugs may numb the pain, but medication won’t prevent this pain from returning. In fact, relying on medication to cover up sciatica pain can lead to even bigger problems, like the risk of drug dependency. Dr. Gehnrich offers drug-free treatments that can provide relief without the need to rely on medication.
  2. Dr. Gehnrich addresses the root cause for sciatica pain. Sciatica pain is caused by the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. For some patients, a herniated disc or a sports injury may trigger this nerve irritation. Dr. Gehnrich’s diagnostic exam focuses on identifying the underlying cause for pain in order to determine the most appropriate conservative approach to care.
  3. Chiropractic supports whole body health. Dr. Gehnrich believes the three main causes of subluxations are physical, chemical and emotional stressors. His goal with adjustments is to remove the nerve interference from these stressors. This brings the body back to a state of optimal wellness.
John Gehnrich Dr. John Gehnrich is a renowned Chriopractor that combines Holistic Chiropractic, Structural Corrective Chiropractic, and Preventative Wellness Care to bring world class healing to people of all ages.

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